Humble and Glasses Full

Welcome! I hope you have had a wonderful Columbus Day. I spent the day at the school that I teach at, preparing for another great week with the kiddos. They don’t know it yet, but I’ll be leaving them in the middle of the school year. It truly saddens me and I cannot imagine having to tell them.

It makes me think back on my first student teaching assignment in college. I had been with the same group of second graders for about two months and had to move to another grade to get more experience. The last day with them, I teared up with big alligator tears when leaving the classroom. The kids looked at me like I was crazy; they didn’t understand that I wouldn’t be their teacher anymore and that time period of my teacher preparation was over. Time has passed and those itty bitty second graders are now in sixth grade!

Life is like that… You never realize the chapters in your life that are super important while you are going through them. I am the WORST about being a glass-half-empty person and grumbling about little things that bother me. As I’m preparing to leave my current class and leave the life that I’ve known for almost the entirety of my married life, it’s nostalgic. You never realize how important each moment, each conversation is until you don’t get that anymore.

I don’t think that you should “always” have the end in mind, but maybe it’s okay to let go of the little things. Especially because those little things are common annoyances in your day and can become the master over your emotions. It’s easier said than done, and by no means am I committing to always being a glass-half-full kind of gal. I’m just saying that a dose of reality won’t hurt you. Life is fleeting. And each moment truly does count.

I have to say goodbye to a lot of friends. Some I may never see again. Who knows what life will bring. I hope this experience teaches me to be grateful for the small things, and not so grumbly when things aren’t okay.



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