Family – the greatest gift of life

Growing up, my parents and I fought all the time. I had a HUGE attitude and a rebellious spirit to match. I honestly don’t know how I ever got through those teenage years with all my limbs intact. My words were as hateful and as nasty as I could make them. I remember knowing what exactly made my parents angry and doing just that. At 22, my parents were more than thrilled to move me out of the house. With a little bit of maturity and independence, slowly my parents and I were able to start missing each other and making the most of our time together. Especially after I moved three hours away, our fights became less and less. The time spent together became more valuable than any grudge one can hold against each other. It became unreasonable to spend time fighting and therefore, more time to enjoy each other’s presence.

Who was that girl? Teenage years suck. I don’t know that girl now. I truly wish that I would have never experienced that time and put my parents through hell. However, would I appreciate them as much as I do now?

Any time my dad and I would get into arguments, he would say, “Family is the most important thing in life. Without family, you have nothing.” I laughed it off and said something sarcastic, or rolled my eyes. The older that I get, the more his words resonate.

Now, I know what he means. Family is everything. My parents are my encouragement, supporters, and would do anything in the world to help me out. They do not enable me, but encourage my growth and development of my character. They see the adult that I have become and they are proud. Their belief in me makes me feel like I can do anything.

Not everyone has the support system that I have. I am very grateful that I have my close-knit family, and wouldn’t trade it for the world. I believe the fights that we had and all of the years of struggling in our relationship only made us stronger. Even if you do not have a parent that is your support, I hope and pray that someone in your life fills that role to encourage you each day.

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