Makeup-Fashion Haul

Before I began my blog, I actually tried my hand at youtube. Youtube was the first place that I began sharing my vision of life, advice, makeup and skincare, and maybe some weird videos of me dancing. With encouragement from my husband, I opened myself to a world with which strangers can read, watch, and listen to me. I’m no expert of anything, but I like educating others. I come by that naturally, with a father that educates people on anything and everything. Maybe I have a little bit of over-education in me, but I have the best of intentions.

One trend that I’ve noticed in the women in my life is that most have little to no knowledge of the makeup industry. I grew up buying all of my makeup in the drugstore. I didn’t even know about an Ulta or Sephora until I was in my late teens. I’d never been inside a Sephora until 22. Boy, was I surprised. So, when I talk to people about makeup, sometimes they seem under-confident about their abilities and knowledge about the subject, and I understand what that feels like. Whatever knowledge I have, I want to empower others to help them along the way. Makeup is a journey that is trial and error, completely different for every person, and a real confidence booster. It’s fun! I want women to enjoy their beauty.

As I’ve said many times before, makeup is not about casting an image so that others can look at you and be impressed. Makeup is all about yourself and making yourself feel beautiful. While I love being barefaced, I love being dramatic and using all kinds of makeup “beautifiers” to enhance my natural face. There’s no shame in doing that.

In the spirit of education, I share my newest items recently purchased. Last week Sephora had their annual 20% off sale and that is the best time to stock up on goodies and maybe try some new things. Before buying, I read tons of reviews, plus watch youtubers like Jaclyn Hill, BeautywithEmilyFox,  and Allana Davison to find out their thoughts and opinions.

You can watch the video HERE. As always, thanks for being apart of my day.



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