Fort Sam, Here We Are!

Hi, well it’s been a while. 2015 rolled by so quickly and then we blinked and it was 2016. Doesn’t it always feel that way? 2016 brought a lot of changes. We learned a little and a lot about the Army; a little information, and a lot about the lack of communication between the program. We received our orders around the 25th of January, made an appointment with the transportation office, and quickly got a date to move. Between moving, we also went on a cruise to celebrate our last days of freedom! When we got back into port, we quickly finished organizing our house and prepared for our move. The night before the movers came, we stayed up until the wee hours of the morning, trying to make sure everything was in order. Little did we know, this would be the cushiest move we’d ever have! A crew of a few men and women came and did an excellent job. They wrapped all of our items, labeled the boxes, and made sure we were satisfied with their work. Jonathan and I pretty much stayed in the backyard trying to stay out of the way. We then traveled to our new home and stayed our first night sleeping in an empty house. The next morning, the movers came and unloaded all of our possessions. Again, their professionalism and hard work were very appreciated. Overall, the move was quickly scheduled, and we were able to have back to back days of packing and moving. Some people experience at least a week between receiving their possessions.

We’ve now lived in our home for a week and a half. Jonathan began in-processing this week and again, it’s been miscommunication left and right through the Army. He went on base to begin paperwork and his orders were wrong on all of the phone numbers to contact, the place of which he was supposed to report, etc. I know that it is frustrating, but I have heard advice from others who have been in the Army for quite a while that you must develop an attitude of go-with-the-flow. Otherwise,  it’ll drive yourself crazy! He ended up finding the right place and a few others that are in his class had the same problems. So, that is just what we have to expect, and we will just have to learn to go with the flow.

Living in SA is so different from living anywhere else that we’ve lived because of the climate and terrain. All of my life, I lived on a farm, so I’ve spent a fair amount of time working with the land. SA is so unique and I am constantly entranced by the beauty of the trees, rocks, hills, and plants. I live for wildflowers and beautiful landscapes! Oh, and we’ve visited a few of the cliche tourist places, like the Tower of Americas, the Alamo, and the Riverwalk. All three were excellent places and I would totally recommend the Tower of Americas bar! The mango mojito was all kinds of amazing!

We also hiked Friedrich Park, where there is a unique feature midway through the hike (see picture!). We will be looking to hike every weekend, so if anyone knows some great hiking trails around SA, we’d love to hike them!

Viva la Alamo!
Tower of Americas
Friedrich Park 

We love living here. I am looking forward to meeting Army spouses, and hopefully some spouses that are supporting their husbands in CRNA school. It would be great to develop a network of individuals that understand what you are going through and can support one another. We’ve heard that CRNA school will be extremely challenging, both mentally and physically. I’ve been told that I will be a bachelorette for the next three years of my life. As much as I’ve mentally prepared myself for this “job” for the next three years, you don’t know the full extent of how challenging something will be until you actually experience it. I am not a very adventurous person. I live very safely, and I am very much comfortable with my surroundings. I know that being “comfortable” is not the healthiest mentally in life because you have to have some level of independence and drive to experience new things. I also rely on my husband a lot. This experience will force me to be more independent. I think it will make me uncomfortable, but it could be exactly what I need!




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