Let’s Talk Makeup, Gals!

So, I am obsessed with makeup. It’s a real obsession. All day, err’day I think about makeup.

But before we get into the ins and outs, let me be explicitly clear:

  1. Makeup is not used to augment beauty.
  2. Makeup is not a sign of being conceited.
  3. Quality makeup is important! But doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.
  4. Inner beauty is way more important that outer beauty.
  5. If at first you don’t succeed, try try again.

I was just like any basic makeup user. Base, concealer, mascara, blush, and I was good to go.  I used all the drugstore brands. I don’t think I even set foot inside a Sephora store until I was in my twenties. However, the transforming world of youtube came along and overtook any sign of normalcy I ever had. This whole new world was unveiled before me and my curiosity to try different makeup products led me into a new discovery.

Now, I have no formal training, and everything I have learned has been watched on a screen and tried many times on myself. But, I do feel that I have knowledge to share from personal experiences and honest opinions.

I am no beauty queen and I don’t feel that I need to be. I am comfortable in my no-makeup, bare face and I like my natural features. My imperfections make me unique and I have nothing to hide. I hope you also see yourself that way. Makeup is made to enhance your natural beauty. No concealer can cover the insecurity you feel inside, so take it from me when I say, get comfortable in your own skin.  All the makeup products in the world cannot make you feel beautiful on the inside.